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"Are private accreditation agencies legitimate?"

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"Is there a difference between 'recognized' and 'accredited?'"

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"Are institutions in a particular country obliged by law to recognize my degree?"

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The UnivCheck seal for individuals

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The UnivCheck Certified seal for individuals is available to individuals who are willing to undergo a strict verification to establish that their academic credentials are authentic. In a context of global academic and professional competition in which many individuals are willing to inflate or misrepresent their credentials, the best approach may well be to immediately establish that one's credentials have been verified by an independent authority.

This process will not only establish the credibility of one's credential but also to simplify the task of recruiting institutions, enabling one's application to stand out.

This seal is reserved to individuals who have gone through the formal UnivCheck verification process, a process that must be initiated by the individual, with a one-time fee and a renewal fee (every 5 years).

This seal will enable prospective employers, clients or colleagues to immediately establish a person's credibility and transparency.

The fee schedule for 2013/2014 (initial certification) is: €100

The fee schedule for a 5-year renewal is: €50

The use of the UnivCheck seal or logo in any form is strictly prohibited except for the individuals and institutions that have completed the formal process and have been formally authorized to use the seal with a specific link to the UnivCheck site.

For more information or to initiate the certification process, please contact registry + at + univcheck.org


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